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We know that technology isn’t always fun to deal with. In fact it can be a real pain, especially if you are experiencing a problem. It’s a situation we’ve all been. Hopelessly watching a raft of online videos, hoping that someone, somewhere, knows how to solve the problem that you have. It rarely works, which only adds the inevitable sense of frustration and the stress that accompanies it. You don’t have to repeat this process ever again. No matter the type of computer, laptop or tablet, we have the experience and expertise to fix the problem you have. We are the premier computer repair Melbourne FL.

About Us
We think that there’s enough stresses in your life, you don’t need your computer, laptop or other device causing you headaches. Which they have a tendency to do from time to time. That’s why we are dedicated to offering the best and most professional range of computer repair, and other, services. So that you can avoid unnecessary frustration. Damage or problems with your computer really can be problematic, especially if you are reliant on it for work or study. That’s when the frustration can begin to kick in and that’s where assistance also comes in handy. We can provide the solution to any problem you have.

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Melbourne Computer Repair

Our Services

Technology has become so integral in almost everything that we do. So much so, that if you have a problem with your PC or laptop, it can really slow things down. It’s for this reason we provide a truly extensive range of computer repair services. But we go beyond just repair. We provide software help and upgrades, can remove virus and spyware from your hard drive and even do data recovery. Any problem you could possibly face, we’ve solved a hundred times before. That’s why, if you live in Melbourne, Florida, we are the best of the “computer repair near me.”

PC &​ Mac Repair

There’s a range of damage, or problems, that your PC and Mac can sustain. Whichever operating system you own, we have the necessary skills and expertise to handle the range of problems that they can experience. So you can be sure that you can always get the best and most professional repair service, whether you own a MacBook, an iMac or PC. We provide the comprehensive PC repair Melbourne FL service that covers them all.

Laptop Screen Repair

One of the most common forms of repair that we deal with is laptop screen repair. This can encompass a wide range of problems that your screen might have, beyond just being cracked, split or broken, although this is also unfortunately common. You might also find that your screen doesn’t display any image at all or, or it’s very faint, for example. Whether it’s psychical damage or some problem with the interface or display, our specialised laptop screen repair service can effectively solve the problem. Laptop repair Melbourne FL was never easier than with us.

Virus & Spyware Removal

We all know the inherent danger that viruses and spyware pose for our computers and laptops. But that’s why we put safety measures in place, to protect against such things. That’s enough, right? Well, not always and it’s possible that something sinister can slip past all your safety measures. We know that you don’t want your online privacy, safety or computer to be compromised. That’s we can remove any virus or spyware from your hard drive and ensure your computer remains safe.

Data Recovery

Data recovery is a process of gaining access to range of files, data and other things on your computer, that for one reason or another, are no longer accessible or can’t accessed in the normal way. Your data can be become corrupted or inaccessible for a range of reasons. But if this happens to you, the reason is irrelevant, you just want your important data back. Our computer technicians specialise in data recovery, and we can help you get back almost any lost data. 

​Computer UpgradeComputer Upgrades

Over time, your computer can begin slowing down. You might also find that it no longer has the capacity to meet your needs. This is not to mention that with so many advances in technology, your software can go out of date even quicker. Improve your computer’s hardware with our help. We offer a range of upgrade services, for both software and hardware, so you can ensure your computer always meets your needs and functions at its highest capacity. We have all computer parts necessary for any upgrades.

Software Help

Software isn’t always a straightforward and easy thing to use, this is without experiencing any problems. It can often to tough to work things out, or solve problems, on your own. Most of us don’t have more than a basic understanding of things when it comes to technology and software. We understand that, and that’s why we can offer you software assistance as part of our range. We can help you solve any problems, or answer any questions, you might have with a range of software. 

“I had Melbourne Computer Repair remove a virus form my PC. They did a great job and even upgraded my anti-virus software to protect my PC from further problems.” Rachel. S

“My Laptop works again thanks to Melbourne Computer Repair. They fixed the problem I was having in no time at all.” Frank. C

“After losing a lot of the data my laptop, Melbourne Computer Repair helped me recover it. They were really professional and are amazing at what they do.” Doug. H

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Often, dealing with your computer, laptop or other devices can be frustrating, especially if there’s a problem. It can be an easy process, though, with our professional help. We can help with a wide range of problems, issues and general questions pertaining to your computer and various forms of software. How easy it that? Contact us now and get the help you need. You can reach us using any of the information on our website.